About company
Knowledge and experience since 1977

High quality of products and proven effectiveness of company’s activity are Tropical’s distinctive features, recognised and appreciated all around the globe. It’s the effect of many years’ experience and patiently hoarded knowledge – the company was founded in 1977. Flake and granulated foods for aquarium and pond fish, reptiles, grain mixes and extruded foods for small rodents, birds as well as aquarium care products and tests are all manufactured in company’s most modern facility equipped with fully-automated production lines. Tropical keeps widening its offer, which at the moment is comprised of around 700 stock-keeping units.

Tropical – synonym for innovative solutions and best quality

Tropical formulas are based on many years experience and knowledge. That is why Tropical products are known around the world for their high quality and proven effectiveness. But what really makes them unique is the passion the company puts into developing all of them.
At the turn of 2009 and 2010 a new production line was completed. As a result of the project, one of the most modern extrusion lines for manufacturing granules, pellets and sticks, characterized with rare parameters, came into existence. Foods are manufactured through HTST (High Temperature/Short Time) technology. Restrictive norms are obeyed at all production stages, which can be proved with ISO and HACCP certificates.

New packing technology

All elements of Tropical products are subject to continuous research and development works. One of the fields, in which we introduced new solutions and improvements, is packing technology. Extruded Tropical products have been given a new, attractive looks. Fully transparent tins and buckets with UV filter give clients the possibility to have a look at the food without the necessity to open it and guarantee the safety of the product. Another advantage are appealing metallized labels. Selected products will also be equipped with a convenient applicator to ensure precise dosage. Original and innovative tins shall be available in following sizes: 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml. Modern and transparent rectangular buckets of 3, 5 and 10 litres have been manufactured in a very similar technology. Their regular shape improves logistics effectiveness, reducing costs of transportation and storing.
The design of tins for flake foods has been refreshed, with their colour changed from white into bright yellow. Similarly to granulated foods, cap (with UV filter) and inductive foil remain transparent. Products are available in 1200 ml, 600 ml, 300 ml, 150 ml and 75 ml volumes.

We care about the environment

Tropical gives meticulous attention to natural environment and ecology. While extending our facilities, which we finished in 2009, we also built a huge biofilter, equipped with biological deposit, which ensures odor-free production, absorbing all elements which could be troublesome for the community and the environment.

We are highly-valued by the clients around the world

Tropical foods are widely used and recommended by world-famous aquarists and fish enthusiasts. At present they are exported to 70 different countries around the globe, enjoying a fine reputation in countries known for a great number of fish lovers such as Germany, Poland and Italy. They are being bought by clients from the Middle East, Asia and South America more often with every day.


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